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LHA Cyclone jet pulverizing classifier

LHA Cyclone jet pulverizing classifier

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Jet Mill
The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of construction (building materials) machinery and intelligent equipment. The main products are ready-mixed (dry-mix) mortar production line, special (dry powder) mortar equipment, disassembly-free thermal insulation external formwork equipment (integration of building insulation and structure), gypsum block equipment, automated packaging production line (palletizing robot), etc.
Working Principle
After the compressed air is cooled, filtered, and dried, it forms a supersonic airflow through the nozzles and is injected into the rotating crushing chamber to fluidize the materials. In the rotating crushing chamber, the accelerated materials merge at the intersection of several nozzles, causing violent collisions. , Friction and shearing to form ultra-fine crushing of particles. The pulverized material is transported to the impeller classification area by the rising airflow. Under the action of the centrifugal force of the classification wheel and the suction force of the fan, the coarse and fine powder are separated. The fine powder that meets the upper limit of the particle size requirement enters the main machine of the classifier with the airflow and is classified by the impeller. In the area, the powder that meets the requirements of the finished product is collected by the discharge port of the classifier, and the fine powder that is smaller than the particle size requirements enters the cyclone collector and the bag filter with the air flow for collection, and the purified gas is discharged by the induced draft fan.
Performance Advantage
Cyclone jet mill is a new type of jet mill developed by our company's independent property rights. Its advent solves the shortcomings of high energy consumption and low output of jet mills. It is an updated product of jet and fluidized bed jet mills. , The technical performance completely exceeds that of similar products at home and abroad.
1. With the same energy consumption, the crushing output is twice as high as that of the counter-jet and fluidized-bed jet mills.
2. It can be equipped with 1 to 4 classifiers connected to the machine, which can produce multiple products with narrow particle size distribution at the same time.
3. When producing products with narrow particle size distribution, the finished product rate is more than 1 times higher than that of the traditional counter-jet and fluidized bed jet mill.
4. One machine can be used as a pulverizer or as a classifier.
5. Equipped with a self-diverting classification system, the product size distribution is narrow, and the service life of the classification wheel is 5-8 times longer than that of the horizontal and vertical classification wheels.
6. The feed size range is large, and the maximum feed size is 5mm.
7. It is not only used for superfine grinding, but also has the functions of particle shaping and particle breaking.
8. For flammable, explosive, and oxidizable materials, inert gas can be used as a medium to realize closed-circuit crushing. The inert gas is recycled and the loss is extremely low.
9. Low temperature, medium-free pulverization, especially suitable for ultrafine pulverization of low-melting, heat-sensitive materials.
10. Minimal wear, especially suitable for ultrafine grinding of high-hardness and high-purity materials.
11. The equipment has a compact structure, polished inner and outer walls, no material in the crushing box, no dead corners, easy to clean, and meets GMP requirements.
12. Negative pressure production, no dust pollution, and excellent environment.
13. Automatic control, simple operation and stable operation.
Application Field
It is widely used in chemical, mining, abrasives, refractory materials, battery materials, metallurgy, building materials, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, food, pesticides, feed, new materials, environmental protection and other industries, as well as ultra-fine crushing, dispersing and particles of various dry powder materials Plastic surgery.
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